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Monday, May 12th 2008

10:34 PM

CIRCUS- in Serbia /sezone 2008.

This year, we are facing the same problems with local circus :Corona/Moscow. This Circus abuses Animals and operates in Serbia fot the past several years...
we got realy tired of them.~~~~NO MORE ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES!!!! PLEASE JOIN US AND HELP US TO MAKE THIS CIRCUS STOP TORTURING ANIMALS.~~We are calling on PROTEST against this circus with live performing animals!~~~

PROTEST against circus: Belgrade/June 16. 2008./ 

After numerous complaints sent to Zemun multiplicity (the only part of Belgrade where circus “got permit from multiplicity authorities” ),complaints  to the veterinary inspections and other relevant institutions- Street protest was next:  NO MORE ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES!

PROTEST AGAINST CIRCUS MOSCOW WAS HELD IN FRONT OF THE CIRCUS TENT- CIRCUS OWNER MARIJA was very rude to our activists even showed her "f" finger to one of the activist who took photos of animals under circus tent.. Again tons of lies were served from the circus clan "animals are not abused, we love our animals, we use only domesticated animals"..

 > (on the protest day- most of the animals were hidden away, but activists managed to shoot some videos and photos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsxM8h3JkVM , http://picasaweb.google.com/nephillia/CircusCorona2008,) photos and videos (made several days prior this protest) clearly show that Tigers, Lamas, Panthers.. and other wild animals were in caged around the circus tent.

   >One of independent activists Olivera talked to the circus kids- (those kids  "work" in circus) after they took several leaflets which activist were handing out  and they wanted to tear them and throw them on grass.. After the short conversation with them/ Olivera managed to get them promote our poster , and made them gather leaflets they had previously throw on grass..

  Over all imperssion on protest- is good, activists left protest with grudge in their chests- because Animals were left in cages---

We will come back and will proceed protesting against this horrible circus..  We are not stopping and are calling and writing to the relevant institutions untill this circus is banned for good.

   <(Animals live in feces and urine), circus leave unhealty grass as area is soaked with feces..) (storage ? "room">

Protest photos: Cirkus,Beograd/16.Jun'08. , in the media:Protest/B92, Protest/Blic , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsxM8h3JkVMProtiv cirkusa sa zivotinjama By NAS  

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter to express my concerns for Animals that are held against their will in the International Circus Moscow-which is now a guest of Belgrade City. All Wild animals that are part of this Circus are in bad shape and piled up in small cages.  They are mistreated and abused. Concerned citizens have been asking organizations for animal protection to put a stop to the suffering of those animals, but organizations are not those who can help this time. I want to appeal to your position and ask of you to ban those Circuses with live performing animals, circuses with mini zoos and those who use animals in "entertainment". I would like to point out that any circus with Animals is cruel.

The animals may be confined for hours, even days, in their traveling cages. The trainers use different training methods that are considered very inhumane.  Whips, spikes, hotshots and electric shock devices are used to get the animals to do tricks that are unnatural for the animals.   Further to that, a circus with Animals is also considered dangerous for the public. *as an examples I will give You data which can be found in newspapers and on internet)Between 1990 and 1999, there have been 47 persons who have died as a result of wild animal attacks.  In Argentina,  there are many such examples as the one from San Pedro, Province of Buenos Aires, where two lions escaped where they hurt and killed some people.  In April 21, 2004, in Laferrere, a tiger escaped from the Romanian Circus killing one worker.  In August 2005, a bear from the Coronel Dorrego traveling circus, attacked a 10 year old girl who got too close to his cage. The bear bit her and two of her fingers had to be amputated later. 

It is shameful that the Belgrade City allows the Moscow Circus to perform with animals.  Allowing this circus, or any other circus, to perform with animals is against the Animal Protection Law enforced in your country. I ask respectfully that the authorities of Belgrade become part of the group of cities in this European region that have banned the use of animals in circuses, like Croatia ,  Slovenia did several years ago, Hungary as of 2007.. We have moral responsibilities to all animals. Allowing a circus to perform with animals is allowing and promoting cruelty to animals. Please do not let this happen.  The brutal and inhumane treatment of animals behind closed doors MUST be stopped once for all.  Please do not give any more approvals for this Circus to become the guest of Belgrade City, this CIRCUS is cruel and is not a humane and interactive way to have fun, which children crave for, there are so many different options for kids to have fun, to get into interactive games and trough those games, tomorrow to grow up into humane being, worthy to be called citizen of Belgrade.  

Sincerely, (Your name&info)

ADRESSESCc: vegan.poratl.bgd@gmail.com,  To: pop_lazic@sozemun.org.yu, delics@sozemun.org.yu, zobenicav@sozemun.org.yu, bojovicm@sozemun.org.yu, kovacevicd@sozemun.org.yu, terzicb@sozemun.org.yu, tatalovics@sozemun.org.yu, batanjacn@sozemun.org.yu, ljubinkovics@sozemun.org.yu, kokirs@sozemun.org.yu, ivanovico@sozemun.org.yu, brkljacm@sozemun.org.yu, info@sozemun.org.yu, bks@beogradsg.org.yu, agencija.nvo@beogradsg.org.yu, Zoran_Alimpic@beograd.org.yu, predrag_blagojevic@beograd.org.yu, bojan_stanojevic@beograd.org.yu, mojovic@beogradsc.org.yu, irena_ljubomirovic@beograd.org.yu, vukica.loncar@beogradsg.org.yu, natasa.golubovic@beogradsg.org.yu, milorad_perovic@beograd.org.yu, radah@beogradsc.org.yu, komunalno@beogradsg.org.yu, privreda@beogradsg.org.yu, beoeko@beogradsg.org.yu, beoinfo@eunet.yu, djordje_bobic@beograd.org.yu, kabinet.minpolj@minpolj.sr.gov.yu, ana.vlajkovic@narodnakancelarija.srbija.yu, zelenilo1@ptt.yu, vetuprava@minpolj.sr.gov.yu, m.marinkovic@minpolj.sr.gov.yu, slobodan.milosavljevic@minpolj.sr.gov.yu, predsednik.skupstine@parlament.sr.gov.yu, jzivanovic@predsednik.yu, kancelarijan@narodnakancelarija.srbija.yu, kontakt.predsednik@predsednik.yu

MEDIA: ( Cc: )

rebalkan@verat.net, redakcija@blic.co.yu,desk@danas.co.yu, redakcija@dnevnik.co.yu, redakcija@inter-nacional.com , redakcija@politika.co.yu, redakcija@kurir-info.co.yu, redakcija@politika.co.yu ,internet@novosti.co.yu, info@topvita.info, beogradski_program@rts.co.yu, blicwebmaster@blic.co.yu, borba@bitsyu.net, dan@cg.yu, desk@danas.co.yu, glas_javnosti@abc.co.yu, ilustrovana@politika.co.yu, info@fonet.co.yu, info@mreza.co.yu, infozr@yahoo.com, internet@novosti.co.yu, office@kanal1.co.yu, office@radios.co.yu, radio@b92.net, radio_jat@jat.com, radiobg3@rts.co.yu, rebalkan@verat.net, redakcija@blic.co.yu, redakcija@glas-javnosti.co.yu, redakcija@kurir-info.co.yu, redakcija@politika.co.yu, rtstv@rts.co.yu,telegraf@eunet.yu, webmaster@vreme.com, redakcija@nase.co.yu,subnovine@tippnet.co.yu, redakcija@sidskenovine.net, marketing@beta.co.yu, redakcija@fonet.co.yu, redakcija@tanjug.co.yu, ots@tiker.co.yu, redakcija@srna.co.yu, redakcija@24sata.co.yu, redakcija@blic.co.yu , bilcevropa@blic.co.yu, desk@danas.co.yu, redakcija@kurir-info.co.yu, npcredakcija@gmail.com, puls@blic.co.yu , zena@blic.co.yu , pisma@evropanedeljnik.co.yu, gloria@epb.co.yu, telegraf@eunet.yu, nin@eunet.yu, svedok@svedok.co.yu, redakcija@vreme.com, ljtrifunovic@beograd202.co.yu, kontakt@indexradio.com, radiopingvin@sezampro.yu, marketing@rtvpink.com, radios@net.yu, anem@anem.org.yu, press@uns.org.yu, nuns@ptt.yu


Additional Info:  Cirkus info: sezone 2007. >> Protest against circus with animal acts- Jun 03. 2007. Belgrade - , Protest- protiv uportebe zivotinja u Cirkusima ,Beograd 2007.,Cirkus u Beogradu 2007.

Where did the Elephant Lilly desapeared?She was one of the "attractions" of circus Moscow/Corrona.. (in Belgrade /June 2006.)This year she is not in "circus inventory"- what happened to her?Maybe the circus owners killed her by the endless tortures?If anyone knows where we can find informations on Lilly the elephant- please contact us back.Thank YOU!
Lilly the eles
lilly the eles
Lilly the elephant

Apeal for Lilly (vet.inspections and belgrade officials: vetuprava@minpolj.sr.gov.yu, istrazivanje@rtv.co.yu,agencija.nvo@beogradsg.org.yu,


65 Comment(s).

Posted by Rea McDeen:

Friday, May 16th 2008 @ 2:56 AM

Posted by Igor:

Poslato pismo:


Ovo je vec 4. godina da "MOLIMO" OPSTINSKE VLASTI DA ZABRANE Cirkusu Moskva/Corona da prlja nase zelene povrsine fekalijama i bakterijama bolesnih zivotinja! Cirkus sa zivotinjama krsi gradske odredbe i pravilnike- zato MI GRADJANI GRADA BEOGRADA ZAHTEVAMO DA SE CIRKUSU KORONA/MOSKA DO DALJNEG ZABRANI UPOTREBA NASIH ZELENIH/SLOBODNIH POVRSINA!

Nakon ovoliko godina zalbi i molbi, mi gradjani Beograda vise ne zelimo da molimo opstinske vlasti- ovog puta ponovo svima skrecemo paznju da mi-gradjani grada Beograda imamo sva prava da zivimo u miru, i cistoci (koliko to ovolika Metropola dozvoljava) a takodje da imamo obrazovne i drustvene programe koji pariraju Beogradjanima- a ne da ovakvu prljavu i niskobudzetnu "zabavu" neko Beogradjanima prodaje kao "spektakl"

Kao jako bitnu stvar, zelim da naglasim da mi se ni malo ne dopada sto Cirkus Moskva/Korona rusi ugled Beograda u regionu- jer su inostrani posetioci zgrozeni kolicinom prljavstine, smeca i fekalija" koje okruzuju Cirkus Moskva/Korona.

Uz nadu da ce Beogradjani najzad dobiti podrsku onih koji se busaju u grudi da sve cine za Beogradjane- pa ako je tako- DOSTA SA CIRKUSOM KORONA/MOSKVA- ZABRANITE IM DOLAZAK- A TAKODJE IM NAPLATITE SVE KAZNE KOJE SU ZASLUZILI KRSECI PROPISE KOJE JE GRAD RASPISAO.

Igor J.
Friday, May 30th 2008 @ 9:13 AM

Posted by KEYA S.:

Monday, June 2nd 2008 @ 12:55 PM

Posted by Jeff @ Coolwater4animals:

We must ultimately communicate to the world that animals are NOT ours to use!

We must all ultimately come to realize that practicing a Vegan lifestyle is not only easy... it is the greatest and most influential direct action each of us can carry out to end ALL of man's inhumanity toward Animals and Nature!

Please do your part to end ALL suffering! Do not attend Circuses the use animals! Do not eat or use animals or animal products!
Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 @ 7:23 PM

Posted by Hazel Kite:

Why do people go to circus? do they not realise? it makes me so mad :@
Saturday, June 14th 2008 @ 9:33 PM

Posted by stojan stojkovic:

Imamo informacije o jednoj zvezdi granda. Da li vam je potrebna?
Thursday, March 5th 2009 @ 5:23 AM

Posted by Dragan Lukic:

Pa jel vi stvarno nemate pametnija posla u zivotu nego da se bavite glupostima? Meni deca ne mogu da se igraju u parku zato sto je park pun fekalija koje zivotinje ostave a vlasnici ne ciste za njima. Vecina njih i nema decu...
Saturday, October 31st 2009 @ 6:56 PM

Posted by IARA / BELGRADE:

Circus is mostly not welcome anymore in Belgrade, if they come- they have to hide somewhere.. untill activists find them and report them- then they have to leave.. After so many good actions against this circus- we managed to show them that THEY ARE NOT WELCOME ANYMORE WITH THEIR CRUEL PRACTICES.
Wednesday, April 13th 2011 @ 12:20 PM

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