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Tuesday, February 10th 2009

4:59 AM

Pigeons & Pigeon Fans

  Belgrade Pigeons / February 2009.

Nikola Tesla was obsessed with pigeons, ordering special seeds for the pigeons he fed in the park. There was one white pigeon, the female, that was so precious to him. One day the white pigeon got sick. Nikola took very good care of it, but it died in his arms. Nikola was not a very religious man, as he believed that there must be a scientific explanation for everything. But when that white pigeon died, he saw a very bright light coming out of her eyes, so bright that he told his friends afterwards, that even he could not have managed to create so luminous a light. It made him believe that the white pigeon must have been a messenger of a great spirit... I read that story to my young daughter recently, while we were in the library. On another note, in my dreams I live in higher dimension, where everything is transparent, like a gel. I am able to see through people, walls, etc., if only I could find the words to share my experiences. Hopefully 2003 will be the year others can finally see their dreams, the pictures in their heads, exactly as we do, on the screen. That was the kind of machine Nikola Tesla hoped to create, or might or possibly did. He allegedly never drew a blueprint for any of his inventions. He saw them in his mind already complete, to the point he could turn them at different angles watching them work. It is said that his inventions were always perfect. Never were there miscalculations nor changes needed.

     Tesla's white pigeon 
    was evicted from the waldorf-astoria for having a room full of pigeons he was caring for, in his own words this is a story about a pigeon he loved; "i have been feeding pigeons, thousands of them, for years, but there was one pigeon, a beautiful bird, pure white with light gray tips on it's wings ..... i loved that pigeon. yes i loved her as a man loves a woman and she loved me"........one night as he was lying in bed the pigeon flew through the window and alighted on his desk. "as i looked at her i knew she wanted to tell me - she was dying, there came a light from her eyes_powerful beams of light, a blinding light more intense than i had ever produced in my laboratory. when that pigeon died i knew my lifes work was over "
     Nikola Tesla has cut himself off from the world in his New York hotel room, alone but for his thoughts and the homing pigeons he uses to study intuition....When he meets the intelligent and also pigeon-crazy chambermaid, Louisa, the two of them begin to develop into intellectual friends. The relationship is sweet but rather contrived... 
     1 ) Birdman is a Mensan; Tesla was also a decently smart guy:
    "I have for a long time taken an interest in a man called Nikola Tesla and his incredible mind. You see he was a true genius, and other geniuses, like the American, Edison, could not hold a candle (light bulb?) to him. [He is] probably the greatest genius the world has ever known." -- http://www.silvio-co.com/pigeons/weather-warfare.htm   
    2) Both Tesla and Birdman were pigeon-lovers:
    Tesla was obsessed with pigeons, ordering special seeds for the pigeons he fed in Central Park and even bringing some into his hotel room with him. Tesla was an animal-lover, often reflecting contentedly about a childhood cat, "The Magnificent Macak." Tesla never married. He was celibate and claimed that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities.[24] Nonetheless there have been numerous accounts of women vying for Tesla's affection, even some madly in love with him....He was a good friend of Mark Twain (who also loved Animals) http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg15821366.100-the-man-who-loved-pigeons.html,
    interesting: You’ve spent a lot of time inside Tesla’s head over the last five years. Have you ever felt like Nikola Tesla was communicating directly to you or through you? Have you ever felt you were a medium for Nikola TeslaI felt that the pigeons of New York City were giving me editorial advice that was coming from Tesla because he loved the pigeons. He fed the pigeons all his life. If I’d see a dead one after I’d done a lot of writing I would think oh, that’s not good writing. Whereas if I saw a really healthy one with nice bright pink feet I’d think that I had done a good job. http://friendsofwriters.org/newsletter/march/samhuntinterview.htm, http://www.homeofheroes.com/wings/part1/3b_cherami.html, http://www.homeofheroes.com/wings/part1/3_lostbattalion.html, http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/archive/index.php/f-23.html 

    Cher Ami on display at the Smithsonian Institution 
     21-facts http://luciedove.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=2335098
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    Posted by Deborah:

    Birds are highly inteligent- its us "humans" who cant rech their level- we still dont understand them.
    Wednesday, May 20th 2009 @ 1:54 PM

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